As Wilbur and Orville Wright were pioneers with the first manned flight, our commitment is to be the best unmanned aerial solution provider.  

Our business was founded on the Canadian Prairies, providing aerial services to local farms and municipalities using detailed aerial footage of what could otherwise not be accomplished by using conventional methods such as small aircraft or helicopter.  We also collaborate with a group of experienced technologists in the United States who provide additional expertise in applications and regulations pertaining to their requirements.  Our legal consultants work diligently to ensure our services and advice are continually updated with the requirements of Transport Canada and the FAA, as well as meeting all municipal, federal, and global regulations.

As consultants, we will meet with you to determine your specific needs and provide you with a full outline of our plan.  We will then present to you a high quality image (or thermal image depending on the application), and will review them with you to assess the results and assist with an action plan.  

We believe in the right technology fit for the industry.  That is why we have become Canada's leading distributor and product support specialists for R4 Robotics  industry leading products.


Agriculture & Municipalities

We work with farmers to determine crop health, missing livestock, damage to property, and with municipalities to help build site plans for township development.

Oil, Gas & Chemical

The R4 Roller models are the perfect product for this environment.  The protective cage that surrounds the mechanics of the UAV allows it to enter areas that are hazardous and damaging to other UAV products.

Utilities & Industrial
We also work with large industrial sites to survey property to determine roofing or structural damage due to leakage, pipe damage, and so on.

Law Enforcement & SWAT
Staircases, blindspots around corners, and rooftops are just some of the most dangersous spots for law enforcement to approach.

Identifying the need to keep officers safe in the line of duty, R4 Robotics  has developed a line of caged roller drones that can be utilized by law enforcement and SWAT in dangerous situations both inside and outside of buildings.

In addition to recon tasks, R4 offers our standard quad or hex copters to handle higher altitude overview, search or traffic applications.

Emergency Services & SAR

Our strategic alliance with Emergency Services helps to assess damage due to natural disasters and to locate missing persons.

There are many applications to what we do.  If you can't see the problem from the ground, we can help.  Traditional methods of assessment can be too costly or too dangerous.  We will work with you to give you a close-up and detailed aerial perspective of the issue, or we will provide you with the tools and expertise to help get you off the ground!

Product Support

For technical support or product information regarding any R4 Robotics products, use the Contact Us  form and provide us with the details of your problem.