All R4 Robotics drones can utilize the ground station shown here.  This powerful unit provides the following features:

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  • HD Monitors provides the pilot with POV video for non line-of-sight navigation
  • Long range embedded aerial/antenna ensure long distances and strong signal that penetrates structures, forests and more
  • Transmission status indicator changes color (green/orange/red) eliminates range anxiety
  • Primary/secondary camera selection toggle switch
  • Input for FPV Goggles allows pilot the ultimate POV eperience while flying
  • Puch button record provides pilot with one-touch video recording capabilities
  • SD Card Slot provides video storage in a portable, universal format
  • Lighting selection/toggle switch allows user to switch between primary or optional lighting
  • Paddle controls provide ease of maneuverability
  • Camera panning wheel provides control of camera angle, independent of flight controls
  • Battery status meter informs you how much power remainsagraph here.paragraph here.