Batteries: 6 lbs 1 oz (2.75 kg), Gimbal with camera(s): 3 lbs 4oz (1.5 kg), Quad-rotor platform: 11 lbs 0 oz (4.95 kg), Total Take-off Weight: 20 lbs 5 oz (9.2 kg)​

Height: 486mm, Width (Diameter): 1366mm

Max. Airspeed
30 Mph (50 km/h)

Max. Endurance
45 minutes​

Cage & Frame Composition

Carbon fiber and ABS printed plastic

Li-Po standard 6S type 2x10000mAh (20000mAh)​

On-board Controller
Customized controller, based on open architecture

Remote Controller
Hard case style ground station remote controller 

  • Uses hot swap gimbals, and designed to use dual sensors with simultaneous dual down links in HD/SD
  • Remote Zoom
  • Latest Auto Pilot features

Targeted for Industrial Inspection tasks (Utilities, Wind, Solar, Infrastructure, etc.) and Documentation tasks (Construction progress, Insurance, Agriculture, Mapping) but is also useful for Security and Observation applications.

R4 INDUSTRIAL MODEL - Standard Quad Configuation