Targeted for Indoor/Outdoor Inspection, Documentation and Observation applications (Power-poles, Utilities Sub-Stations, Storage tanks, ware houses, etc.) but also useful for Observations and Security (Schools, Logistics & Storage, etc.).

The caged design is not intended to fly more than 5-10 ft (2-3m) above structures – if used outdoors.

R4 ROLLER - Large Model

  • Can be used Indoors & Out
  • Powerful CODFM Point to Point Video for Non Line-of-Sight operation
  • Powerful remote control for Non Line-of-Sight operation (buildings)


Battery: 11.5 oz ( 0.33kg), Total Take-off Weight: 3lbs 12 oz (1.7kg)

Height (Diameter): 19.7” (50cm), Length: 19.7” (50cm)

Max. Airspeed
15 Mph (24km/h)

Max. Endurance
20 min. air time

Cage & Frame Composition

Carbon fiber, high-strength tubing, 3D printing. Easy assembly

Li-Po standard 4S type 3250mAh

On-board Controller
Customized controller, based on open architecture.

Remote Controller
Hard case style ground station remote controller