Law Enforcement / SWAT

Targeted for SWAT Teams and Security tasks, but also useful for Inspection, Documentation and Observation applications where  spaces are tight indoors or outdoors.

The caged design is not intended  to fly more than 5-10 ft (2-3 m) above low rise structures – if used outdoors.

  • Can be used Indoors & Out
  • Powerful CODFM Point to Point Video for Non Line-of-Sight operation
  • Powerful remote control for Non Line-of-Sight operation (buildings)


Battery: 4 oz (115g), Total Take-Off Weight: 16 oz (454g)​

Height (Diameter): 11.8” (30cm), Length: 11.8” (30cm)​

Max. Airspeed
10 Mph (16km/h)​

Max. Endurance
10 min. air time

Cage & Frame Composition

Carbon fiber and ABS printed plastic. Easy disassembly

Li-Po standard 3S type 1200mAh​

On-board Controller
Customized controller, based on open architecture. No GPS – predominant use indoors or in tight spacing

Remote Controller
Hard case style ground station remote controller 

R4 ROLLER - Small Model