The R4 Roller was built for a Lineman’s every day work in distribution & sub-stations.  It is ideal in this, very common environment of tree branches, house wires everywhere, narrow canopies and sub-stations.

This hybrid tool easily navigates hard to reach places on or near the ground, as well as the the top of utility poles or inside a sub-station.View Model

​​​​​​Utilities & Industrial


All R4 Robotics industrial inspection drone models utilize hot swap gimbals, and are designed to use dual sensors with simultaneous dual down links in HD/SD.

All models feature Remote Zoom functionality and incorporate the latest Auto Pilot features.

R4 Robotics’ Hexa drone can fly to  today’s higher and more powerful turbines with ease, and deliver long distance Live HD video.

Active Thermal sensors are in development to help detect sub-surface delamination problems.


As with its big brother: You know conditions before you land (or return). The rugged design and method of rolling, skipping and flying makes it a breeze to use.

At much lower cost, the R4 Roller still streams Standard Definition Video, allows the operator to optically zoom and within approx. 3 seconds, download High Resolution Still Pictures.

R4 Robotics has developed long range aerial inspection drones that fly farther than ever before!  These industrial strength inspection drones employ proven Exabotix technology.  They are resilient to large wind gusts and the high winds associated with higher altitude applications.

The R4 Hexa is built for high & distant towers and 2 operators.  The pilot is supported in almost every function by on-board computers, GPS and gyros for position holds and wind & gusts.

The Line Inspector aims and zooms the live down-streamed High Definition Video camera, supported by the gyro stabilized gimbal. This way, you are fully aware of conditions before you land.

Flight times can be up to 45 minutes and vary with heavier winds and multiple sensors (detailed inspections) or single sensor (longer storm recovery flights) pay-loads.

Recommended Products

R4 Robotics has developed a full line of aerial inspection drones, with specific characteristics to meet specific demands.  Whether you need to inspect large transmission towers over vast distances, multiple wind turbines at regional wind farms, utility lines and poles in densely populated areas, or substations with multiple obstructions and hazards – R4 Robotics has an aerial inspection drone to meet your needs.

One size fits all does not work for utilities. Transmission includes high and distant towers, where wind gusts can be an issue. Distribution often entails narrow canopies above power poles or webs of residential wires everywhere – not to mention the issues relaetd to penetrating a substation.

No conventional copter – R4’s included – can fly there without danger. Based on pilot programs with Utilities, R4 and a university (IIT) co-developed a truly unique and patented solution with the caged ‘rollers’. Such conditions equally apply to most infrastructure inspections, like trusses, under bridges or any cramped space.

For Transmission and Storm Recovery or Pipeline applications, R4 has developed Quad- and Hexa copters with special long distance transmission equipment and flight endurance (+1hr).